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Helen Lyman Smith, Director of Marketing, Communications & Advocacy – WMG

"About 18 months ago Mallory Partners contacted me about a really interesting role with the University of Warwick but, once we’d talked through my experience and aspirations, we concluded that it wasn’t quite the right role for me. However, almost a year later, Martin got in touch again about another role with Warwick Manufacturing Group that was the perfect fit – and what impressed me most was that he’d retained all of the details we’d discussed twelve months previously. Often with recruiters it feels like it’s a merry-go-round of timing and luck – you happen to pass in front of a recruiter’s line of vision at the right moment but can just as easily fall into the abyss and never hear from them again. With Mallory Partners, it was clear that they get to know candidates, retain the knowledge and relationships, and use them to create really strong matches.

Martin and John prepared me very well for the interview stages - sharing organisational structures, the make-up of the team, what the university were looking for and the likely challenges the role would bring. They were also supportive during the negotiation, representing both me and WMG extremely well, rather than simply trying to push me into the role. Applying for a new job can sometimes feel a little bit like a game, where you are working out what the recruiter wants to hear and who they want you to be. With Mallory Partners, I felt I could have really open conversations, knowing that they would be transparent in return and always have not only my best interests at heart, but those of the employer too."

Helen Lyman Smith, Director of Marketing, Communications & Advocacy - Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG)