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Investment Manager – London Private Equity

"I rate Mallory Partners very highly, they are very experienced in the private equity market and I like the way they operate.

I was aware of them in the marketplace, but first dealt with them in December 2018 when Jeremy approached me about a role. I found him receptive, professional and personable – but also genuinely interested in making sure the role he put me forward for was the right one for me. I had no private equity experience - but was keen to move into the sector and, while other recruiters might therefore have dismissed me as a candidate for PE roles, or only put me forward for roles that played directly to my previous experience, Jeremy was interested in what I was looking for in terms of career development. I wouldn’t typically expect that kind of reaction from a recruiter.

Although it was a very lengthy process, Jeremy was great at gently pushing the employer to keep things moving and was very responsive whenever I contacted him for updates. He asked appropriate questions and was clearly very active and knowledgeable in the private equity market - so I felt well briefed. I would like to work with him again, going forward, as we look to build our team."

Investment Manager - London Private Equity