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Justin Gilbert, Managing Director – Dreamdoors UK

"I was originally approached via LinkedIn for the Chief Operating Officer's role. I spoke to both Martin and Ed and had a really good feeling from them straightaway; I always think you can tell a lot about a recruitment firm by the calibre of the questions they ask you, it's a good indication of their effectiveness and their understanding of their clients.

“What I also liked was that they were equally interested in me and what I wanted, that’s not typical for recruitment consultants in my experience. I often find that the contact drops off and this just didn’t happen with Mallory Partners. Throughout the process, Martin was always on the ball, kept in touch and gave me useful perspectives that set me up for success. He was definitely not just trying to fill the role, I felt he was trying to do the best for company and for me as a candidate, which earned my respect.

“Eventually, we didn't proceed with the COO role, but they asked me if I would consider managing director of one of their portfolio businesses. This was a great outcome and it was clear that Mallory Partners’ faith in me, and belief that I would fit well in the business was a key factor. Mallory Partners repositioned the role really effectively and it’s clear that their skill is in understanding what will make a really good match. They're also well positioned in the PE market and are very professional and proactive."

Justin Gilbert, Managing Director - Dreamdoors UK