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Paul Ceaser, Chief Technology Officer – Gradwell Communications

"Mallory Partners are a breath of fresh air. John first approached me in January or February 2019. The role was absolutely ideal but, unfortunately, for personal reasons I couldn’t make the geography work. Some six months later, he approached me again with another role which was absolutely ideal. The fact that he kept me in mind and remembered exactly what I was looking for was really impressive.

He communicated really well throughout the process and was very informative. He checked in with me regularly – in fact, he still does and I’ve been in post for six months now. A lot of recruitment consultants are ‘hire and forget’- type people, they don’t bother with you again. John was different, though - he does his research on the client and the candidate and he has a deft and personal touch that’s very effective. He was a helpful guide for me and a genuine confidant. I trusted him to represent my needs well. If that’s indicative of how Mallory Partners always work, they will be very successful in this business. He definitely had my interests at heart, as well as the client’s – and he represented all three parts of the triumvirate well: the client, the candidate and his own firm.

Even when I had a very compelling counter offer he was honest, responsive and dealt with it really well - to ensure a good outcome on all sides."

Paul Ceaser, Chief Technology Officer - Gradwell Communications