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Tony Cammiss, Managing Director – Countrywide Grounds Maintenance

"I had been aware of Mallory Partners for a little while, as they approached me when they were recruiting for an MD in a previous business I was involved with. I elected not to throw my hat into the ring on that occasion but, 18 months later, Martin contacted me again regarding Countrywide Grounds Maintenance and the time was right to consider a move.

“Predominantly, this was a telephone-based process which worked really well for me. We had an initial call where we talked through the role and the business, followed by a more in-depth video meeting where we filled in the information gaps and discussed chemistry and fit. It’s a very niche role so, in many respects, I didn't need to know too much about what Countrywide were looking for. However, I quickly realised, whatever questions I did have, Martin was able to answer in depth as he’d clearly done a lot of digging around to understand the specifics of the sector - to the extent that I was kind of hoping he wasn't doing the same for the other candidates!

“He was extremely responsive throughout, batting information and questions back and forth - and he managed the process really well. I ended up with two competing offers and, like a great sports agent, he went out on a limb for me - getting the right deal over the line in the tight window I was working to, which I really appreciated."

Tony Cammiss, Managing Director – Countrywide Grounds Maintenance