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Hypergrid is an intelligent Cloud Management platform built by Nariman Teymourian, a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur with five successful previous start ups already under his belt.

Although quickly building into a £10m turnover business, selling solely into the hardware market, and with a UK-based EMEA function turning over £2m, the pace of growth wasn’t as fast as Nariman was looking for and so he pivoted the sales strategy, looking to sell the platform directly into Managed Service Providers instead.

This strategic shift required a new EMEA team, with experience that matched the different sales life cycle of the MSP market – which saw the business move from pursuing large scale investment deals to a monthly revenue stream model. Nariman approached Mallory Partners to help him secure a UK-based EMEA Vice President with experience of selling similar cloud-based platforms into the MSP market sector. With no previous exposure to the EMEA Managed Service Provider market, Mallory Partners worked with Nariman to brief him on the landscape of the sector and design a precise brief that would draw out the candidates with the specific experience and capabilities Hypergrid needed. As a result of being able to define a tight brief and clear objectives, Vice President Giri Fox was placed in the business within six weeks, from start to finish.

Having placed him in the business, Mallory Partners went on to secure Giri Fox as a client too – helping him find a solution architect within a matter of weeks of joining the business.

Said Giri: “Chris quickly found us a great candidate – someone who completely met the brief. That’s twice he has found exactly the right candidate for HyperGrid. It’s not easy to do in the tech sector, because it’s such a complicated field; two superficially appropriate candidates could have massive differences in their applicable experience and character.

“The challenge for recruiters is to be certain who’s a great candidate and who’s not. Chris got under the skin of the brief and weeded out those who appeared appropriate but weren’t, so he didn’t waste our time. That’s the sign of a great search talent.”