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Mark Naylor, CFO – Correla

"This was not my first experience with Mallory Partners as they placed me in my previous role.

In 2017, after many years with BT, I’d been called by another head hunter for a role which, ultimately, I didn’t get - but it made me think about moving on. A good friend suggested Mallory Partners and so I registered with them and with other firms too. Of all those I registered with, Mallory Partners was one of only two firms actually prepared to meet me. Very quickly, I built a great relationship with Martin, who went out of his way to try and understand me and what I was looking for. He was also very honest in his feedback and said my CV did not do me justice and we discussed the kind of role and environment he thought I would do extremely well in.

Martin placed me in a contract position in August 2017 but, within a month, it became a permanent role. Martin kept in touch and, when the time came for my next move earlier this year, he helped me identify the position that I’m now in and put me forward for selection, even though I didn’t have the specific experience the CEO said they were looking for. Martin knew I would be a good fit and would bring experience that they needed, so convinced them to see me. He also introduced me to his business partner, Jeremy, who gave up an evening to get to know me too. Although the process was different because it was largely virtual, I’ve got nothing but praise for how Mallory Partners handled it. Martin was a fantastic advocate for me and his personal touch was really appreciated. Their ability to build empathy with a candidate is very strong and they really went out on a limb for me because they’d taken time to understand my skills and experience. They still keep up-to-date with my progress now - it feels like a great company with a really strong ethos that delivers a good result for both candidate and employer."

Mark Naylor, CFO - Correla