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Randall Cliff, Client Director – TiG Data Intelligence

"This was my first experience of Mallory Partners. I was approached by Chris, via LinkedIn, which is not unusual in itself - but I really appreciated the way the approach was done. I wasn’t actually looking to move at the time and so, while I was curious, I was not particularly keen. However, Chris got me to reconsider the opportunity and it turns out to be the one that I have now taken. He encouraged me to look into it a bit more and have a no-commitment initial conversation. That was good - I was busy, but he got me to think differently about the opportunity.

I explored a couple of opportunities before accepting my current position and I felt that Chris was good at bringing the right roles for me to consider. He didn’t overcomplicate the process by bringing too many, it felt that he understood where I was at in terms of my career and what would be the right opportunity for me.

The whole process took a number of months, as there were details on both sides that needed to be resolved. Chris was great, he kept the communication channels open and made sure that the process didn’t slip. He was a really good intermediary. Later on in the process, he sensed that I was still not sure whether to move and therefore salary would be an important consideration - and he represented me well in that regard. He made it clear to the employer what I needed and that made negotiations easier.

Before each interview there was a briefing call covering who I was meeting, what they were looking for and an insight into the company; its funding, growth strategy etc. Chris also booked in follow-up calls after each interview too and made sure he’d already spoken to the employer beforehand. That allowed me to understand whether the employer’s view of how the interview had gone matched mine. I haven’t experienced that before. Having an immediate follow-up to an interview, where I could find out what the employer thought, rather than simply waiting several days for a ‘yes or no’ call or email was very welcome. It gave me confidence in how the process was going and ensured I was never left uncertain or waiting for feedback."

Randall Cliff, Client Director - TiG Data Intelligence