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Michael Sparks, Owner & Founder – Michael Sparks Associates

"My brother recommended Mallory Partners as he has used them for many years. They were completely honest, from the outset, that they had no prior experience in the architectural sector. However, they were extremely good at listening and working out how they could use their skills and network to help me find the right person. I wanted a particular kind of candidate, with a particular set of experiences – somebody who understood the way we worked which is quite different from others in our sector and so Mallory Partners put together a really broad search. Once again, they really listened to what we were looking for and they responded with a wide range of people, who were all very different but gave me a lot of options, and it was a good gauge of who was available in the market. The successful candidate is exactly what I was hoping for. I found theirs to be a very personal service, and I feel Mallory Partners works in a similar way to us in that they focus on quality, both in terms of people and service"

Michael Sparks, Owner & Founder - Michael Sparks Associates